Most people don’t like the process of weeding their garden, unlike those green thumbs who would gladly spend hours in their gardens. Although, weeding is still among the most essential tasks that you can do for your garden when it comes to maintaining it. This is a complex control approach for all crop types—large to small. Make sure to eliminate such irritating weeds since they can steal nutrients, water, and space from healthy plants. 


Now is the best time to consider putting on your gardening gloves and prepare to start weeding. If you want comprehensive tips on how to properly weed your garden, check out the guidelines you need to do below: 

Keep bare spots to a minimum 

Weeds do not know how to respect personal space. Hence, attempt to place your plants nearer to one another. Once you leave huge gaps in between, weeds will surely take over space.  

Add a weed preventer into your mulch 

The correct products can help prevent your weeds from germinating for until 6 months.  

Weed-whack and mow regularly 

If really do not have the time to pull out the weeds in your lawn, make sure to at least cut off the tops regularly. They will eventually know the hint and prevent setting seeds. If you are lucky, they will naturally die off eventually.  

Get the roots 

Make sure to not spare any roots and pull them all out. When you leave them behind, then you are basically wasting your time since they will surely regrow. So, you have to guarantee to grab the weed as near to the ground as much as you can and pull it upwards. This is to ensure that you’ve pulled out all of its roots.  

Weed early in the morning or after a rainstorm. When you wait until the ground will be moist, you will be able to eliminate the weeds more easily. When rain won’t come, provide some good watering for your garden.  

Have the proper supplies 

When you can see that your weeds usually become stubborn and large, make sure to invest in bigger equipment like a hoe. See to it that the blade you use is sharp since dull ones are not just as effective. Basically, you need to get one with triangular blades that are only great for having underneath plants and closely spaced rows. On the contrary, utilize something much smaller if you want to get all the weeds you can find in driveway cracks, like a screwdriver. 

Prepare your trowel 

If you stay outdoors, make sure to always bring with you a tiny trowel on your deck or in your back pocket. With this, you can easily grab this tool every time you can see a weed on your lawn. When you take the mail, wait for the school bus, these make ideal times to pull out any weed that you see on the way. Remember that wedding won’t always require you to break your back working for several hours in a day.  

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