How to Prevent Common Foundation Problems 

While you may not appreciate it, the foundation of your house is a vital part of your home. Your house encounters the dangers of crumbling if the foundation isn’t strong enough. Thus, it’s vital to take care of your foundation. If you live in particular regions, the risks of foundation problems is even higher. The soil erosion, changing temperatures, water, and extreme weather can result in severe foundation issues.  


When you spot foundation problems, you have to hire a Plano foundation repair company right away. If you want to prevent them from happening, here are several tips you can follow: 

Place the Lawn Sprinklers Properly 

If you’ve got a lawn, sprinklers are vital. They keep your yard healthy all the time. However, if you want to prevent watering the foundation, you have to position the lawn sprinklers properly. Also, if you water too much, you might redirect the excess water to the foundation. This results in long-term issues. You have to always turn off the sprinklers during the rainy season.  

Plant Short Shrubs 

If you want to have shrubs around your property, you’ve got to ensure they’re short. It is ideal to maintain a height of at least 3 feet. This will help in avoiding further growth of the roots. Thus, it can help prevent sucking all the water from the soil. 

Remove Trees 

Shrub and tree roots can suck all the moisture from the soil. This is particularly true during the drought season. This leads to foundation issues. Plant the shrubs and trees at a significant distance away from the property if you do not want that to happen. The tree is perhaps too close if its branches are touching any part of your home. That’s a general rule to remember.  


Examine your yard for a couple of minutes. Does it slope towards or away from your home or is it flat? The soil has to slope away from your home to lead away water from the foundation walls. You can do this by grading the yard at least 7 inches in every 10 feet. You need to install a French drain if this type of grading isn’t possible.  

Saturation of Soil During the Drought Season 

During the dry periods, the soil typically gets extremely dry. A sprinkler might not be enough. You’ll require a complimentary watering system. This will help keep the soil saturated properly to stop shrinking and contracting that might cause the foundation to crack. To help the sprinklers in watering deeper areas of the soil, you can install French drains. To keep the ground wet, you can utilize a soaker hose to water around your home regularly.  

Excellent Downspouts 

The purpose of a downspout is to direct water from the roof to the soil. You’ve got to ensure that they’re cleaned properly to prevent blockage. To direct the water away from the foundation, you can install extenders. You can also bury a downspout diverter rather than directing water to the ground. This will lead the water to another area in your lawn.