Ask These Questions to Your Decking Contractor

Now you’re all set to begin constructing or repairing your deck. You already have chosen the decking material, researched and made the overall design, and chosen some styles and decors. However, there is one problem — It feels like reading a foreign language the moment you open the toolbox and begin the work. You know, from that moment, you can’t do it by yourself and that you need a professional for deck repair in Lansing 

But where do you go for one who will perform a good job? Contractors are occasionally found online, while others are suggested by friends. While some of these inexperienced contractors perform an excellent job, the majority do not. This is why it is critical to conduct interviews.  

But what questions should you ask a deck builder before hiring them?  

Are you licensed and insured?  

These are the two necessary requirements as a contractor, and one of the most crucial inquiries you should do. If they’re not covered by an insurance company, you might be held accountable if anything problem occurs or accidents happen.   

moreover, insuring they have a license can give you more assurance that they are trained well to do the job, thereby decreasing the chances of accidents and failures in the project.  

Moreover, ask them about their warranty, how long it lasts and what it covers.  

What has been your previous experience as a contractor?  

Ask the contractor about their previous experience when hiring them as this would tell you how many years they have been doing the job and what projects they already have worked on. While a few years of experience is adequate, more experienced contractors have the higher wisdom in facing problems that may arise. What firms have they worked for? What kinds of projects they have worked on? Could they drop names for references?  

Who will you be collaborating with?  

Determine how many employees the contractor intends to come. Do they collaborate with them on a regular basis? What are their credentials? Knowing who will be coming into your property is a good idea. Decking contractors, especially those that are reputable, have the right people to do the job. While this can entail more costs on your side, a contractor that has people that specialize in light fixtures, designing, landscaping, and other extra services you may need, is an ideal contractor.   

When will the work start and end?  

Jobs go more smoothly when the company and contractor you hired are on the same page with the homeowner, so make sure you have a plan for when they’ll complete all of the work, from start to end. These discussions are crucial as they will determine the budgeting as well as the planning phase. You can also ask them when they will be able to complete the project.  

Can you provide a portfolio I could look at?  

If the potential builder doesn’t have one and can’t provide references or portfolio despite years of expertise, it’s reasonable to presume that their service isn’t worth availing for. Quality does not always imply experience.  



Qualities of a Reliable Deck Builder

The deck of your house is where you relax, entertain, and spend most of your free time with your loved ones. That is why your deck should be able to accommodate your needs. To achieve this, you need to hire a reliable professional to build the deck for you.  

However, keep in mind that not all deck builders are the same. A reliable one will provide high-quality services that are timely and reasonable. It can be a bit difficult to look for the right one, especially since there are tons of options out there.  

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Before you search “deck builders near me” on Google, here are some qualities of a reliable deck builder that you should consider: 

Is Licensed and Insured 

You might save money if you hire a deck builder who isn’t insured or licensed. Unfortunately, it can be devastating in the long run if someone on your property is injured during the project. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t hire a contractor who isn’t licensed or insured. 

  • You can be liable for injuries sustained on your property 
  • You can be liable for damages to your property 
  • You can be liable for damages to your neighbor’s property 

That is why you should always hire a deck builder who has the right licensing and insurance.  

Has Great Personality 

A couple of individuals are simply difficult to be around. Some people weren’t made to be friendly and interpersonal. Even if you’ve found the best builder in your area, you still have to make conversations and work with him at your house.  

If the deck builder has a short temper or other off-putting personality or traits, it can affect your project and cause you unnecessary anxiety and stress. A major home renovation project is already extremely stressful for you. Thus, you don’t want a deck builder who isn’t pleasant to work with.  

Is Upfront About Costs and Payment Options 

Estimates are simply a rough value for the work that the builder will have to do. However, you need to look for a deck builder who can compare previous projects and references to get the most accurate estimate for your project.  

You need to avoid the builder if he isn’t upfront about the cost of their service. You should also try asking the builder for printed estimate invoices and references. It is a huge red flag if the builder cannot provide these things. 

Responds to You Right Away 

You will likely have to contact your deck builder a lot of times when you start the interview process with design ideas and estimates. You will have to communicate with the builder regularly until everything is done. Thus, you have to ensure the builder doesn’t waste your time.  

It is a red flag if you contact your deck builder and he doesn’t respond within the day. Any builder with an excellent reputation will always have time to answer any questions that you have about your project. You should find another builder if they fail to communicate properly.